Legend of the Dragon Gold

Session 8

The Forest Temple

The next day the group of adventurers planned their next moves. They had discovered a map in the shadow keep with some evil symbols on it and three X marks at different locations. They noticed it bore a resemblance to the region they were in and fit right on top of their own map. One of the X marks lined up directly over the forest destination on their own map! It was the temple that the King’s spy had tipped them off to locating the dragon artifact.

They set off, and after a full day, plus a few extra hours of getting slightly lost in the woods, they arrived at the site of the X. It was a temple of stone built in the forest, surrounded by some totems. They set camp for the night. During first watch, Zalthier could hear malicious sounding whispers coming from the forest. He alerted Rilug, who advised it was koblolds patrolling thd region. They didn’t appear to be coming closer so the party remained watchful at their camp by the temple.

In the morning the group approached the temple’s steps. At the top of a short flight of stairs the entrance stood. Nalladir went first. The temple had pillars with dragons carved into them. Norril recognized the designs as something the followers of Bahamut would have crafted.

In the entry chamber there was a staircase leading down. Nalladir walked towards the stairs and was subjected to a falling wad of green acidic slime. It stuck on to her dealing damage the longer it stayed. Rilug was quick enough to scrape it off with his quarterstaff, and Norril held a metal pot for him for disposal. The acid blob was destroyed, but dissolved the staff and the pot with it. Two more masses of green were clung to the ceiling above the stairs. Norrol fired a couple magic frost bolts and froze them, causing them to fall to the ground and shatter.

The party safely made it to the second floor, and they discovered in front of them a room with a large banquet prepared on a great feasting table. Nalladir walked near it and was suddenly struck with a frigid cold. It was quite painful, so the adventurers advanced in the other direction around the stairwell into a large grassy room bordered with a stream of water. Light rays beamed down from slits high up on the walls close to groind level. Acoss the room where it was divided by a stream stood a band of undead foes. There was a battle and the adventurers stood triumphant over the wights and their zombie minions. The zombies were most likely the former inhabitants of this temple. The larty continued up a set of stairs to a loft displaying a large mural. The group spent some time investigating the area. Norril noticed a false wall behind the mural. There was a secret room and they looted a javelin and an obsidian dragon statuette. Zalthier rolled up a large hand woven dragon rug from the floor and took that with them. Back at the stairwell the stairs continued down so they descended again. A smaller room housed 3 more wights and 3 large insectoid monstrosities. The party defeated the foes, but Nalladir’s sword was destroyed ,corroded by the rust inducing touch of the monster’s antennae. The adventurers spotted another staircase leading downwards across the room. They made plans to recuperate before continuing their foray into the desecrated temple.



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