Legend of the Dragon Gold

Session 10

Return to Modain/ The Mountain Pass

Under favorable weather conditions, the party made their way back to the village of Modain, stopping by on their way to rest at the Watchtower. The guards informed them that their scout contact had been looking for them and was back at the village. The party spent the night and returned to the village. It was revealed by the scout that another piece of the stone artifact the king sought was located to the north at a place where a river flowed out from the mountains.

After the third day of travel the adventurers happened upon some ruins resembling a forgotten town by a river. They spent some time exploring the ancient stone ruins and discovered a dark patch of shadow that strongly resembled the portals they had seen at the last ruins on this adventure. Norril tossed a rock at it and sure enough, it disappeared into the portal. The half elven twins, Norril and Nalladir went in with Zalthier. They entered a dark and intriguing room. It seemed they were in a magician’s house that lived in the shadowfell. Zalthier found an interesting scroll and handed it to Norril. Taking a moment to study it, they discover it was a powerful possession spell. Zalthier also decided to collect an armful of all the spell components that were sitting around.

Since the door was magically sealed, they had decided to return to the material plane through the portal.

Late in the night, the party made it to the site on their map, which also matched with the “X” on the northern part of their shadowfell map. On their approach, they noticed a massive cave opening blocked by a sheer wall of stone. They slept in a nearby rocky sheltered area.

Just as the dawn was arriving they saw a human wearing tribal clothing approach the wall and a second later walk in through a secret entrance. Zalthier amd Nalladir approached the wall. Several arrows struck the ground around them. They paid no heed to this warning and began looking for the door. More arrows rained down from the arrow slots above. They were struck with a volley of arrows and decided to back off from the door, which would not open. They retreated to their hidden camp. They would have to find another way in.

After watching the area for a couple of days, they hatched a plan to gain access to the mountain pass. Nalladir had spoken with a bird using her beast senses to get it to help them. Using the spell scroll they obtained from the shadowfell, Norril was ablento transfer his own soul into his small crystal ball spell focus, then the bird controlled by Nalladir would fly the crystal into the supply man’s bag of goods when the next delivery to the wall arrived. The plan went off without a hitch.

Norril could sense movement from within the supply bag, and the crystal ball was picked up finally by a tribesman within their cave several minutes later. The tribesman went on scouting duty on a hidden lookoff and that’s when Norril switched his soul from the crystal into the man’s body. He found a large mass of vines hanging from the overlook above a waterfall coming out of the mountain. He climbed down, slipped and plunged into the water. He traveled about an hour to get back to the others. They tied up the tribal scout, Norril sent his soul back to his own body and they plotted their next move to the mountain pass.



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