Legend of the Dragon Gold

Session 11
The Mountain Shrine

The adventurers decided to take the same path Norril discovered while he did his body swapping recon. They found a patch of the vines by the mountain waterfall and climbed up to the look off. They then proceeded through winding trails up to the summit. Near top there was a clearing. At the center of this clearing, amidst the mists stood a tall stone tower. The large pillars looked like the work of the dragon clans of Terranis. They entered cautiously.

They spotted a group of villains, which had apparently conquered this place recently. They rushed into a cathedral like room connected to the main entry way and fought a vile druid and his host of spiders and ghouls. The druid welded a strange looking staff. He raised the staff and chanted, summoning a dense cloud of swarming, biting locusts. The party fought around it and quickly slew this corruptor.

After continuing through several rooms the party noticed a secret passage. Ycesia, Zalthier and Dwayne explored a dark earthen path in the walls. A cave opened up before them, housing a study of sorts with a summoning circle in the middle. As they rummaged about they heard a low rumbling sound coming from the walls. Zalthier felt something reaching for his travel pouch and he swiftly spun around and slashed at it. The groping hand belonged to a large stone like creature. It had three arms, three legs, and a large mouth on top of its body. It began making pathetic begging gestures at Zalthier’s pouch. Dwayne tossed it a gem from his pouch. The creature jumped with glee, consuming the gems immediately. The group noticed a book on creatures from the plane of earth. This creature was identified as a Xorn, and was happy to accompany them in exchange for a few more gems.

The travelers came back from the secret passage and continued through the large temple. They found a pantry which was cold as death upon entry. They noticed a brown mold was the source of this. They left and headed up the massive staircase to the upper level of the temple.

Session 10
Return to Modain/ The Mountain Pass

Under favorable weather conditions, the party made their way back to the village of Modain, stopping by on their way to rest at the Watchtower. The guards informed them that their scout contact had been looking for them and was back at the village. The party spent the night and returned to the village. It was revealed by the scout that another piece of the stone artifact the king sought was located to the north at a place where a river flowed out from the mountains.

After the third day of travel the adventurers happened upon some ruins resembling a forgotten town by a river. They spent some time exploring the ancient stone ruins and discovered a dark patch of shadow that strongly resembled the portals they had seen at the last ruins on this adventure. Norril tossed a rock at it and sure enough, it disappeared into the portal. The half elven twins, Norril and Nalladir went in with Zalthier. They entered a dark and intriguing room. It seemed they were in a magician’s house that lived in the shadowfell. Zalthier found an interesting scroll and handed it to Norril. Taking a moment to study it, they discover it was a powerful possession spell. Zalthier also decided to collect an armful of all the spell components that were sitting around.

Since the door was magically sealed, they had decided to return to the material plane through the portal.

Late in the night, the party made it to the site on their map, which also matched with the “X” on the northern part of their shadowfell map. On their approach, they noticed a massive cave opening blocked by a sheer wall of stone. They slept in a nearby rocky sheltered area.

Just as the dawn was arriving they saw a human wearing tribal clothing approach the wall and a second later walk in through a secret entrance. Zalthier amd Nalladir approached the wall. Several arrows struck the ground around them. They paid no heed to this warning and began looking for the door. More arrows rained down from the arrow slots above. They were struck with a volley of arrows and decided to back off from the door, which would not open. They retreated to their hidden camp. They would have to find another way in.

After watching the area for a couple of days, they hatched a plan to gain access to the mountain pass. Nalladir had spoken with a bird using her beast senses to get it to help them. Using the spell scroll they obtained from the shadowfell, Norril was ablento transfer his own soul into his small crystal ball spell focus, then the bird controlled by Nalladir would fly the crystal into the supply man’s bag of goods when the next delivery to the wall arrived. The plan went off without a hitch.

Norril could sense movement from within the supply bag, and the crystal ball was picked up finally by a tribesman within their cave several minutes later. The tribesman went on scouting duty on a hidden lookoff and that’s when Norril switched his soul from the crystal into the man’s body. He found a large mass of vines hanging from the overlook above a waterfall coming out of the mountain. He climbed down, slipped and plunged into the water. He traveled about an hour to get back to the others. They tied up the tribal scout, Norril sent his soul back to his own body and they plotted their next move to the mountain pass.

Session 9
The Forest Temple pt 2

The adventurers finished a rest and continued to the next floor downstairs. They walked down and found themselves in an area with 3 rooms and 2 hallways leading around the staircase behind them. They followed the halls and saw them open up to a large chamber lined with pillars leading to a raised platform near the back wall, decorated with draconic style carved pillars and banners lining the back wall. A bronze statue of a dragon stood on the platform holding something. Nalladir was first to decide they should explore the other rooms first.

Nalladir went back around the stairs and took the room on the left from the stairs. She walk into a ransacked library. She was a few rows in when suddenly a group of ghosts ambushed her from the bookshelves! She fiercely fought them as Ycesia dashed in to her aid. Ycesia demanded the foul creatures be gone, and they instantly became invisible! She was then swiftly lifted into the air by an unseen force and thrown out into the hallway, slamming into the side wall by the staircase. Norril and Zalthier approached the library. The sunblade shone bright as Zalthier slashed into an invisible ghost, destroying it with divine vengeance. Norril lit up another foe with his illuminating faerie fire spell.

As the library brawl went on. Rilug, still in the hall by the stairs suddenly felt compelled to explore the room across from the library. He peered into the musty room and noticed it was stocked with racks of ceremonial robes. He set foot in the room and as soon as he did a magical darkness blacked all sight in the room. A rubbery creature descended from above, covering Rilugs upper body and began suffocating him in a frantic grapple. Several other unseen foes now began to swipe at him from the surrounding pitch blackness. Ycesia and Norril quickly turned to the darkened room to help the half-orc’s perilous situation. Ycesia got 5 feet into the room to grab him and was blinded by the darkness. Rilug bumped into her in a panic. They exchanged blows with the rubbery monster as another one latched onto Ycesia’s head. Norril grabbed Rilug and ran him out into the large room, tearing the creature off him. The darkness emanating from the creatures travelled with them into the room.

Meanwhile, the warriors in the other room had managed to slay the ghosts and joined the battle against the squid like monsters. After a few rounds of combat the monsters were defeated. The party decided to take a short rest and investegate the dragon statue room. Zalthier found a well made cloak of fine material in the robing room and gave it to Rilug, for it provided an almost magical protective aura.

After taking some time for recuperation, Nalladir walked up to the statue. It held a round stone with a dragon’s tail carved onto it. She reached for it and suddenly the dragon came to life! The entrance to the room was suddenly blocked by a wall of metal bars sliding down from the ceiling. The dragon statue greeted them with a breath attack, blasting the party away with repulsion energy. Several of the adventurers were flung back 40 feet from the roaring metal statue. The mellee fighters marched back and pummeled the bronze guardian. Spells from Rilug and Norril struck it from the sides. In a heroic flurry of blows, Ycesia smashed the statue into the back wall, collapsing a section bricks to reveal a hidden room! After a few more rounds of attacks, the creature was bashed beyond all repair, and the dragon wing stone artifact was obtained. The hidden room was holding a treasure chest containing a mysterious bag and a wonderous jar of healing ointment. The party decided then let Rilug identify some of their more mysterious items they had been collecting and took a break to decide the next course of action.

Session 8
The Forest Temple

The next day the group of adventurers planned their next moves. They had discovered a map in the shadow keep with some evil symbols on it and three X marks at different locations. They noticed it bore a resemblance to the region they were in and fit right on top of their own map. One of the X marks lined up directly over the forest destination on their own map! It was the temple that the King’s spy had tipped them off to locating the dragon artifact.

They set off, and after a full day, plus a few extra hours of getting slightly lost in the woods, they arrived at the site of the X. It was a temple of stone built in the forest, surrounded by some totems. They set camp for the night. During first watch, Zalthier could hear malicious sounding whispers coming from the forest. He alerted Rilug, who advised it was koblolds patrolling thd region. They didn’t appear to be coming closer so the party remained watchful at their camp by the temple.

In the morning the group approached the temple’s steps. At the top of a short flight of stairs the entrance stood. Nalladir went first. The temple had pillars with dragons carved into them. Norril recognized the designs as something the followers of Bahamut would have crafted.

In the entry chamber there was a staircase leading down. Nalladir walked towards the stairs and was subjected to a falling wad of green acidic slime. It stuck on to her dealing damage the longer it stayed. Rilug was quick enough to scrape it off with his quarterstaff, and Norril held a metal pot for him for disposal. The acid blob was destroyed, but dissolved the staff and the pot with it. Two more masses of green were clung to the ceiling above the stairs. Norrol fired a couple magic frost bolts and froze them, causing them to fall to the ground and shatter.

The party safely made it to the second floor, and they discovered in front of them a room with a large banquet prepared on a great feasting table. Nalladir walked near it and was suddenly struck with a frigid cold. It was quite painful, so the adventurers advanced in the other direction around the stairwell into a large grassy room bordered with a stream of water. Light rays beamed down from slits high up on the walls close to groind level. Acoss the room where it was divided by a stream stood a band of undead foes. There was a battle and the adventurers stood triumphant over the wights and their zombie minions. The zombies were most likely the former inhabitants of this temple. The larty continued up a set of stairs to a loft displaying a large mural. The group spent some time investigating the area. Norril noticed a false wall behind the mural. There was a secret room and they looted a javelin and an obsidian dragon statuette. Zalthier rolled up a large hand woven dragon rug from the floor and took that with them. Back at the stairwell the stairs continued down so they descended again. A smaller room housed 3 more wights and 3 large insectoid monstrosities. The party defeated the foes, but Nalladir’s sword was destroyed ,corroded by the rust inducing touch of the monster’s antennae. The adventurers spotted another staircase leading downwards across the room. They made plans to recuperate before continuing their foray into the desecrated temple.

Session 7
Secrets in the Dark

The adventurers regrouped and decided to explore the dark hidden staircase in the shadow keep. It took them down many stairs and at the bottom the floor gave out in one apot suddenly, revealing spikes underneath a trapped floor. Nalladir was swift enough to hop back in time to avoid getting hurt. The party continued on around the spike trap into a long dark room lined with rows of sarcophaguses. At the opposite end was a great looking grave with a stone slab on top like the others. When they approached, a trap triggered and two large statues of robed figures launched a volley of magic missiles from their staves they bore. The party approached tge grave. Nalladir grew bored of waiting for Rilug to decipher the carvings on it and hopped on top, disturbing a vengeful spirit from within! A Wraith materialized before them and began attacking. There was a short brawl ending with Zalthier cleaving the radiant sword Galahan straight through the ghost, slashing it’s bonds from this world, totally vaporizing it.

Rilug finished translating, Here Lies Remure, sworn to spread the shadow…

They opened the lid and found skeletal remains of a high priest, wearing a pearl ring and a ruby pendant. Nalladir took the ring, Cyrus grabbed the pendant.

While the party was leaving Ycesia noticed something out of the corner of her eye. The crypt wall next to the staircase was colored in a different shade of gray brick. She called the others over to investegate. Zalthier introduced the portable ram to the wall and they discovered a secret room! They opened a chest and found a bandore and 5 exquisite silk cloth hankerchiefs. They collected the loot and returned upstairs.

The party continued up the storage tower in the next room over. At the top floor they entered a room full of armor and weapons stored all along the walls. At the end of the room was a platform with a large strongbox. Rilug approached while ritualizing a spell to detect magic items. Not paying attention, he Stepped on a stair that activated a scything blade trap to swing down, slicing him across the back. Luckily it was not serious and he managed to shrug it off.

His spell was cast. Determining many of the surrounding weapons and armor to be magical as well as the box’s contents. Nalladir reached for a sword and upon touching it, several of the swords flew from their location and suits of armor came to life, angered and ready to defend the keep. Battle ensued and the adventurers managed to destroy the magical enemies, sustaining some damage themselves. Rilug obtained a strange looking hat, a metallic wand tipped with crystal and 5 ivory demon statuettes from the box. The party had cleared the final room of the shadow keep. They went back through the portal taking with them the spoils.

Session 6
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

The sun was not yet risen when Ycesia decided to break from her trance like elven sleep and go to a nearby stream for some water. It was a short 5 minute walk from the ruins down the steep path facing the hills. When she was returning, her elven eyes noticed a traveller approaching from the hills. It was Norril the Half-Elf catching up with the party after spending the last couple of days travelling from Modain to find them.

After a friendly greeting the two of them decided they would go beyond the veil into the shadow keep to do some reconnaissance while the others slept. After Norril was acquainted with the shadow keep, they pressed on down one of the dark hallways that was not yet explored. They found a room that appeared to be a study of some sort. As Ycesia inspected a bookshelf they heard something. A muffled voice from behind the walls. “Talking books” she thought. The muffled sounds continued and they discerned it was a cry for help coming from behind the bookshelf! They dispatched the bookshelf and lo! Behind the bookshelf was a dark passage. The two adventurers entered. After squeezing down the passage a short ways it opened up to a chamber of despair. Across the small room they saw a man, blindfolded and gagged on the floor behind iron bars. They wanted to free him so they tried the iron door. It was locked. Ycesia chose to try her fists instead of a key and smashed the rusted lock to pieces in one swift strike. They freed the mysterious prisoner from his bindings. He stood taller than 6 feet, a giant of a man. He was broad shouldered and proud, knightly he seemed. He introduced himself as Zalthier the Unbent. They asked what happened to him, and he replied. He was once questing to rid this place of evil, but was overtaken by the numerous hosts of this foul keep and locked up many months ago. The adventurers welcomed him to join them as they searched the rest of the keep.

Once they made it back to the study, they decided to go up the spiralling staircase they had seen earlier. Upon reaching the top the three of them were bombarded by a volley lf magic missiles. There was an evil flying skull surrounded in flames laughing at them from across the room. It was a more important looking study than the one downstairs they had just entered. The skull would not be reasoned with, so Ycesia launched at the skull with fury and grace, pummelling the skull and slamming it into the wall across the room. Zalthier delivered the finishing blow with a sword he was handed by Norril. The flaming skull was crushed into many pieces.

The group looked through the room and found a chest filled with Zalthier’s belongings including his armor and weapons. On a desk they found a handful of important looking documents written in am infernal script which they were unable to read. They took them for future investigation. After they were satisfied searching the study, the returned to the ground level of the shadow keep.

It should be noted at this time that at the center of the study on the ground floor, there lies a magical circle. At the center there is a dark portal just like the one the adventurers came into the shadow keep from. At this time they decided to enter this second portal. On the other side of the portal was the material plane and they could see the other section of the ruins that was blocked off from all the towering pillars and debris. They walked through the grassy hollowed out chambers and ended up finding a monolothic stone slab casting an unusually dark shadow in one of the larger enclosures. Using their recent knowledge of this sorrowful place, they walked into the shadow and found themselves taken to another part of the shadow keep!

They stood in a fairly large rectangular library, colorless and well stocked. The three explorers split up, looking around. Ycesia spotted a faint light emanating from one of the larger tomes. She called Norril to take a look at it, fearing it might be some sorcery at work. When he picked up the book a well crafted sword hilt dropped to the ground from inside the book. A voice spoke to his mind. “Well met, adventurer! Attune to me at once!” Norril spent some time attuning his mind to the sword hilt studying it. It spoke the common language, introducing itself as Galahan the Unbreakable. Galahan had been a prisoner of this place having been captured from a fallen kingdom of old and taken to this dark place. He spent many years reading the books in the library, using his unseen powers to move from shelf to shelf. Knowing he wouldn’t have much use for a sword, Norril handed Galahan to Zalthier. Norril noticed that his hands were cured of the callouses that had built up from his recent adventures. Zalthier then attuned to the ancient sword hilt and it was at that time he was compelled to raise the sword, activating a raging blast of fiery radiance forming a blade of light from the hilt. The others beheld the glory and majesty of Galahan the Unbreakable and Zalthier the Unbent, righteous and just, crusaders against evil doers, defenders of the helpless.

A shuffling could be heard beyond the only door at the end of the library. Sensing it may be undead the paladin led the way with the others close behind. It was in fact more undead wights and zombies that had heard them and a battle broke out. The monk unleashed fists of fury while Galahan slashed the undead foes. A field of light surrounding the light sword seemed too much for the wights, blinding any that stood too close. Norril unleashed fiery doom upon the wights and the enemy was defeated.

The team stood in a larger cathedral like room. Near the center there sat a skull atop an ominous pedestal. When it was approached it spoke a grim riddle: “Upon entering the darkness, a window to the world becomes a descent toward the dead….”
The adventurers after some time concluded that the window was a large hole in the ruins that corresponded with the back wall in the room. Zalthier unfolded a handheld battering ram. He and Norril charged it into the back wall. They met no resistance and almost flung themselves with the ram! The wall of illusion was hiding a staircase. They looked down but it was too dark to see far. They decided to come back another tfrom facing that dreadful descent could spell certain doom for just the three of them.

Advancing across from the library, and passing a large sealed doorway, they found another door that took them to a storage room that had a spiral staircase going up. They went up and found a sitting room with a door. They decided it was far enough for just the three of them to travel, and getting an uneasy feeling, they decided to return back to the ruins encampment where the rest of the party still slept. As they left the shadow keep an evil laugh echoed from within…

Session 5
The Shadow Keep

The druid Kosef had surveyed the land surrounding the watchtower without being disturbed. Once he had satisfied his search through the greenery he transformed into a wolf and picked up the cod laden scent trail left by the rest of the adventurers on their way to the ruins. Kosef tracked the scent into the shadow portal, taking him to the same area as the rest of the group.

After a brief reunion, they decided to split up into two groups. Leaving Cyrus and Dwayne to guard the portal, Rilug, Nalladir, Kosef and Ycesia went off to explore more of the darkened keep.

The explorers first went back to the hallway where they fought the wight. On their left at the end of the large hallway was a grand imposing double door. Nalladir attempted to open it. It wouldn’t budge. When diplomacy failed she attempted to bash through. Nothing. When yelling at it wouldn’t work either, Rilug inferred it was magically sealed by a force too powerful to be dispelled easily.

Abandoning the doors for now they continued across the hall down another hallway to a simple wooden door on the left. As soon as Nalladir grabbed the handle, the handle grabbed back, excreting a sticky adhesive as it began chomping its montrous fangs it had suddenly developed. The beast was collectively smashed by the party, mostly thanks to Ycesia’s fists of fury. The room beyond was a messy arrangement. There were some scattered books detailing local flora and text on bahamut. At the back of the room on a dias there sat a chest, presumably full with valuables. Ycesia was the first to go open it. With a sudden motion the chest tramsformed into a chomping monstrosity of teeth, spikes and eyes. Ycesia’s fingers narrowly evaded its clasping maw. With great power, she smashed her fist down on the monster, completely gutting it with one mighty blow. After punishing this vile mimicry the party left the room and went all the way back to the portal room to take a shot at the spiral stairs.

At the top of the stairs there waited a small band of skeletons in a circular room decorated with evil banners. They were led by one that was well armored. After a short melee, the party was victorious and they discovered a strong box full of gold, gems, a magic scroll and a potion. Kosef took a sip of the gamey liquid and discovered it was a potion of animal friendship. A question arose: why would the evil inhabitants of this realm want this? They would ponder on this as they went back to the portal to make camp for the night.

Session 4
To the Watchtower/ Into the Shadows

The adventurers reported back to Modain after having slain the dark druid Gavil Maar, freeing the nearby forest from his vile grasp. Having made some new companions, they discussed where to go next. It was agreed that it would be beneficial for all to further investigate the dark deeds and evils that now threatened the region.

After a rest, Cyrus, Kosef, Nalladir, Ycesia, and Rilug set out to travel the pilgrim road to the watchtower the settlers had built to get a good vantage point on the area and set the course for the journey from there. It was a hot day, and the tower was a full day’s travel at a moderate pace. As the sun began to go down and the first stars began to peek out from the heavens above, the watchtower was finally in sight. But that was not their concern at the time, for up ahead of them a supply cart was being harassed by bandits from the wilderness!

They made their approach, and identified the cart was under attack by a kobold raiding crew. The adventurers charged in bravely and engaged in a fierce fight with the raiders. Several of the supply men were slain by the raiders before they arrived. Suddenly from inside the cart, a man burst out from under a pile of salt cod and cut the reins freeing the terrified horse, which trampled two kobolds and a human guard as it fled into the night. The battle soon ended in a total defeat of the kobolds as their captain was cut down by the travelling warriors. They managed to rescue one human guard from Modain and finally proceeded to the tower. Two kobolds were captured but since they had little use and posed a threat to the pilgrims, they were put to death by the guardsmen of the tower.

The strange man from inside the cart introduced himself as Dwayne, a man charged with keeping the guards up to task as he watched them in secret, or so he claimed. He would journey with them to the tower, bringing with him the smell of salted cod .

The tower guards welcomed the party to stay the night and use the tower as a base for the night. That night, Dwayne had his choice of late night snacks as the party slept.

As they stood on top floor of the tower, they could see a vast country sprawled out before them, rich with valleys, hills and green forests, bordered with broad shouldered mountains in the distance. The forest ahead to the Northwest was where the artifact they sought was rumored to be, but another location of interest caught their eye. About a day’s ride to the Northeast lied a cursed site of old. The guardsmen spoke of a cursed ruin there that no one would dare enter. Naturally, the adventure party would want to investegate. They set the course for the next day to the ruins. Kosef the druid was concerned for the surrounding wilds and went off to survey the land on his own, promising to meet up later.

After travelling the hills on a soggy autumn day they finally reached it. Up on a cliff surrounded by forest stood the ruins of an ancient kingdom. Covered in overgrowth, vines and moss, the weathered stone ruins seemed a sorrowful place.

In the hollowed out body of a large stone pillar, Ycesia spotted some vines to climb up and get a good view of the area. As she stepped to the base of the vines, she suddenly vanished in the blink of an eye!

The others pondered only briefly before charging toward the spot where she disappeared, only to vanish too! They instantly found themselves in a fortress of the same shape as the hollowed out ruins they stood in seconds ago. It seemed they were in a place devoid of cheer and color, a dark mirror image of the ruins it was. The black walls stood ominously around them, housing what looked like a training room for some kind of soldiers. Cyrus pressed ahead and opened the door at the end of the room which was framed between two sets of stairs that spiraled up to another floor. In the next room stood a band of skeletons, which turned and attacked right away.

The party dismantled the skeletons with ease as Dwayne went the other way to investegate the fortress. He spotted a pale looking ghastly man prowling in a hallway with two zombies, no doubt a patrolling guard. It was around that time that Cyrus from the other room bashed open a door right next to the patrolling foes. The leader wore studded leather armor and wielded a ghastly blade as it fought with unholy strength. The party managed to defeat the foes with superior tactics and teamwork.

Having a full day of travel and battle, the four adventurers barricaded the guard room they fought the skeletons in and planned to get some much needed rest before continuing on.

Session 3
The Lumber Mill Menace

The nearby lumber mill has been terrorized by a strange monster. Reports by the settlers state it had consumed several of the workers. The party has decided to investegate this menace. Not long after reaching the abandoned lumber yard, the party was assailed by a shambling mass of of vines and plant matter, supported by a humanoid vine monster. After a fierce battle, the shambling mound was destroyed.

The party decided to rest in the mill for the night. They were greeted by a friendly elven monk, who pledged to join their cause in cleansing the nearby forest of evil, knowing of another threat nearby.

In the early morning, they made an eerie discovery. An odd fog wafting out of a hidden hole under a rocky outcropping . They fearlessly pressed on after clearing the fog into an earthy cave. At its depths was a scheming druid, the very foe that was corrupting the area and creator of the shambling mound. After an intense showdown, the adventurers managed to overcome his malicious attacks (and smell) and crushed his thorn monster and giant centipede minions. Although he was swiftly executed, it remains possible there are darker powers at work in this land.

The party now makes their way back to Modain to regroup and plan their next foray into the wilds.

Session 1&2
Modain and the Captured miners

At the beginning of our tale, the King of Krondobar has gathered adventurers to seek out an ancient artifact that his scouts have discovered. With the promise of wealth and status, a small group of adventurers was sent across the sea to the small settlement of Modain to begin their quest.

The party was given the location of one of the needed artifacts, a piece of the stone tablet needed for the ritual.

Upon arrival they were welcomed by the Commander of operations Commander Radway of the king’s army stationed in Modain. The group was granted a home in the settlement to serve as a base.

The settlers were having problems with raiders recently and requested help rescuing a mining expedition to the north. When the party got there they discovered a band of kobolds had taken up residence and had slain several miners. The kobolds were defeated and the mines were cleared of the immediate threat. The party rescued two survivors, discovered some treasure and found the miner’s pony outside. The group then returned to Modain.

The Lumber mill outside of town has been under assault by a mysterious creature, so the party offered to investigate. They now make preparations to depart for the mill.


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