Legend of the Dragon Gold

Session 7

Secrets in the Dark

The adventurers regrouped and decided to explore the dark hidden staircase in the shadow keep. It took them down many stairs and at the bottom the floor gave out in one apot suddenly, revealing spikes underneath a trapped floor. Nalladir was swift enough to hop back in time to avoid getting hurt. The party continued on around the spike trap into a long dark room lined with rows of sarcophaguses. At the opposite end was a great looking grave with a stone slab on top like the others. When they approached, a trap triggered and two large statues of robed figures launched a volley of magic missiles from their staves they bore. The party approached tge grave. Nalladir grew bored of waiting for Rilug to decipher the carvings on it and hopped on top, disturbing a vengeful spirit from within! A Wraith materialized before them and began attacking. There was a short brawl ending with Zalthier cleaving the radiant sword Galahan straight through the ghost, slashing it’s bonds from this world, totally vaporizing it.

Rilug finished translating, Here Lies Remure, sworn to spread the shadow…

They opened the lid and found skeletal remains of a high priest, wearing a pearl ring and a ruby pendant. Nalladir took the ring, Cyrus grabbed the pendant.

While the party was leaving Ycesia noticed something out of the corner of her eye. The crypt wall next to the staircase was colored in a different shade of gray brick. She called the others over to investegate. Zalthier introduced the portable ram to the wall and they discovered a secret room! They opened a chest and found a bandore and 5 exquisite silk cloth hankerchiefs. They collected the loot and returned upstairs.

The party continued up the storage tower in the next room over. At the top floor they entered a room full of armor and weapons stored all along the walls. At the end of the room was a platform with a large strongbox. Rilug approached while ritualizing a spell to detect magic items. Not paying attention, he Stepped on a stair that activated a scything blade trap to swing down, slicing him across the back. Luckily it was not serious and he managed to shrug it off.

His spell was cast. Determining many of the surrounding weapons and armor to be magical as well as the box’s contents. Nalladir reached for a sword and upon touching it, several of the swords flew from their location and suits of armor came to life, angered and ready to defend the keep. Battle ensued and the adventurers managed to destroy the magical enemies, sustaining some damage themselves. Rilug obtained a strange looking hat, a metallic wand tipped with crystal and 5 ivory demon statuettes from the box. The party had cleared the final room of the shadow keep. They went back through the portal taking with them the spoils.



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