Legend of the Dragon Gold

Session 9

The Forest Temple pt 2

The adventurers finished a rest and continued to the next floor downstairs. They walked down and found themselves in an area with 3 rooms and 2 hallways leading around the staircase behind them. They followed the halls and saw them open up to a large chamber lined with pillars leading to a raised platform near the back wall, decorated with draconic style carved pillars and banners lining the back wall. A bronze statue of a dragon stood on the platform holding something. Nalladir was first to decide they should explore the other rooms first.

Nalladir went back around the stairs and took the room on the left from the stairs. She walk into a ransacked library. She was a few rows in when suddenly a group of ghosts ambushed her from the bookshelves! She fiercely fought them as Ycesia dashed in to her aid. Ycesia demanded the foul creatures be gone, and they instantly became invisible! She was then swiftly lifted into the air by an unseen force and thrown out into the hallway, slamming into the side wall by the staircase. Norril and Zalthier approached the library. The sunblade shone bright as Zalthier slashed into an invisible ghost, destroying it with divine vengeance. Norril lit up another foe with his illuminating faerie fire spell.

As the library brawl went on. Rilug, still in the hall by the stairs suddenly felt compelled to explore the room across from the library. He peered into the musty room and noticed it was stocked with racks of ceremonial robes. He set foot in the room and as soon as he did a magical darkness blacked all sight in the room. A rubbery creature descended from above, covering Rilugs upper body and began suffocating him in a frantic grapple. Several other unseen foes now began to swipe at him from the surrounding pitch blackness. Ycesia and Norril quickly turned to the darkened room to help the half-orc’s perilous situation. Ycesia got 5 feet into the room to grab him and was blinded by the darkness. Rilug bumped into her in a panic. They exchanged blows with the rubbery monster as another one latched onto Ycesia’s head. Norril grabbed Rilug and ran him out into the large room, tearing the creature off him. The darkness emanating from the creatures travelled with them into the room.

Meanwhile, the warriors in the other room had managed to slay the ghosts and joined the battle against the squid like monsters. After a few rounds of combat the monsters were defeated. The party decided to take a short rest and investegate the dragon statue room. Zalthier found a well made cloak of fine material in the robing room and gave it to Rilug, for it provided an almost magical protective aura.

After taking some time for recuperation, Nalladir walked up to the statue. It held a round stone with a dragon’s tail carved onto it. She reached for it and suddenly the dragon came to life! The entrance to the room was suddenly blocked by a wall of metal bars sliding down from the ceiling. The dragon statue greeted them with a breath attack, blasting the party away with repulsion energy. Several of the adventurers were flung back 40 feet from the roaring metal statue. The mellee fighters marched back and pummeled the bronze guardian. Spells from Rilug and Norril struck it from the sides. In a heroic flurry of blows, Ycesia smashed the statue into the back wall, collapsing a section bricks to reveal a hidden room! After a few more rounds of attacks, the creature was bashed beyond all repair, and the dragon wing stone artifact was obtained. The hidden room was holding a treasure chest containing a mysterious bag and a wonderous jar of healing ointment. The party decided then let Rilug identify some of their more mysterious items they had been collecting and took a break to decide the next course of action.



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