Legend of the Dragon Gold

Session 5

The Shadow Keep

The druid Kosef had surveyed the land surrounding the watchtower without being disturbed. Once he had satisfied his search through the greenery he transformed into a wolf and picked up the cod laden scent trail left by the rest of the adventurers on their way to the ruins. Kosef tracked the scent into the shadow portal, taking him to the same area as the rest of the group.

After a brief reunion, they decided to split up into two groups. Leaving Cyrus and Dwayne to guard the portal, Rilug, Nalladir, Kosef and Ycesia went off to explore more of the darkened keep.

The explorers first went back to the hallway where they fought the wight. On their left at the end of the large hallway was a grand imposing double door. Nalladir attempted to open it. It wouldn’t budge. When diplomacy failed she attempted to bash through. Nothing. When yelling at it wouldn’t work either, Rilug inferred it was magically sealed by a force too powerful to be dispelled easily.

Abandoning the doors for now they continued across the hall down another hallway to a simple wooden door on the left. As soon as Nalladir grabbed the handle, the handle grabbed back, excreting a sticky adhesive as it began chomping its montrous fangs it had suddenly developed. The beast was collectively smashed by the party, mostly thanks to Ycesia’s fists of fury. The room beyond was a messy arrangement. There were some scattered books detailing local flora and text on bahamut. At the back of the room on a dias there sat a chest, presumably full with valuables. Ycesia was the first to go open it. With a sudden motion the chest tramsformed into a chomping monstrosity of teeth, spikes and eyes. Ycesia’s fingers narrowly evaded its clasping maw. With great power, she smashed her fist down on the monster, completely gutting it with one mighty blow. After punishing this vile mimicry the party left the room and went all the way back to the portal room to take a shot at the spiral stairs.

At the top of the stairs there waited a small band of skeletons in a circular room decorated with evil banners. They were led by one that was well armored. After a short melee, the party was victorious and they discovered a strong box full of gold, gems, a magic scroll and a potion. Kosef took a sip of the gamey liquid and discovered it was a potion of animal friendship. A question arose: why would the evil inhabitants of this realm want this? They would ponder on this as they went back to the portal to make camp for the night.



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