Legend of the Dragon Gold

Session 4

To the Watchtower/ Into the Shadows

The adventurers reported back to Modain after having slain the dark druid Gavil Maar, freeing the nearby forest from his vile grasp. Having made some new companions, they discussed where to go next. It was agreed that it would be beneficial for all to further investigate the dark deeds and evils that now threatened the region.

After a rest, Cyrus, Kosef, Nalladir, Ycesia, and Rilug set out to travel the pilgrim road to the watchtower the settlers had built to get a good vantage point on the area and set the course for the journey from there. It was a hot day, and the tower was a full day’s travel at a moderate pace. As the sun began to go down and the first stars began to peek out from the heavens above, the watchtower was finally in sight. But that was not their concern at the time, for up ahead of them a supply cart was being harassed by bandits from the wilderness!

They made their approach, and identified the cart was under attack by a kobold raiding crew. The adventurers charged in bravely and engaged in a fierce fight with the raiders. Several of the supply men were slain by the raiders before they arrived. Suddenly from inside the cart, a man burst out from under a pile of salt cod and cut the reins freeing the terrified horse, which trampled two kobolds and a human guard as it fled into the night. The battle soon ended in a total defeat of the kobolds as their captain was cut down by the travelling warriors. They managed to rescue one human guard from Modain and finally proceeded to the tower. Two kobolds were captured but since they had little use and posed a threat to the pilgrims, they were put to death by the guardsmen of the tower.

The strange man from inside the cart introduced himself as Dwayne, a man charged with keeping the guards up to task as he watched them in secret, or so he claimed. He would journey with them to the tower, bringing with him the smell of salted cod .

The tower guards welcomed the party to stay the night and use the tower as a base for the night. That night, Dwayne had his choice of late night snacks as the party slept.

As they stood on top floor of the tower, they could see a vast country sprawled out before them, rich with valleys, hills and green forests, bordered with broad shouldered mountains in the distance. The forest ahead to the Northwest was where the artifact they sought was rumored to be, but another location of interest caught their eye. About a day’s ride to the Northeast lied a cursed site of old. The guardsmen spoke of a cursed ruin there that no one would dare enter. Naturally, the adventure party would want to investegate. They set the course for the next day to the ruins. Kosef the druid was concerned for the surrounding wilds and went off to survey the land on his own, promising to meet up later.

After travelling the hills on a soggy autumn day they finally reached it. Up on a cliff surrounded by forest stood the ruins of an ancient kingdom. Covered in overgrowth, vines and moss, the weathered stone ruins seemed a sorrowful place.

In the hollowed out body of a large stone pillar, Ycesia spotted some vines to climb up and get a good view of the area. As she stepped to the base of the vines, she suddenly vanished in the blink of an eye!

The others pondered only briefly before charging toward the spot where she disappeared, only to vanish too! They instantly found themselves in a fortress of the same shape as the hollowed out ruins they stood in seconds ago. It seemed they were in a place devoid of cheer and color, a dark mirror image of the ruins it was. The black walls stood ominously around them, housing what looked like a training room for some kind of soldiers. Cyrus pressed ahead and opened the door at the end of the room which was framed between two sets of stairs that spiraled up to another floor. In the next room stood a band of skeletons, which turned and attacked right away.

The party dismantled the skeletons with ease as Dwayne went the other way to investegate the fortress. He spotted a pale looking ghastly man prowling in a hallway with two zombies, no doubt a patrolling guard. It was around that time that Cyrus from the other room bashed open a door right next to the patrolling foes. The leader wore studded leather armor and wielded a ghastly blade as it fought with unholy strength. The party managed to defeat the foes with superior tactics and teamwork.

Having a full day of travel and battle, the four adventurers barricaded the guard room they fought the skeletons in and planned to get some much needed rest before continuing on.



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