Legend of the Dragon Gold

Session 3

The Lumber Mill Menace

The nearby lumber mill has been terrorized by a strange monster. Reports by the settlers state it had consumed several of the workers. The party has decided to investegate this menace. Not long after reaching the abandoned lumber yard, the party was assailed by a shambling mass of of vines and plant matter, supported by a humanoid vine monster. After a fierce battle, the shambling mound was destroyed.

The party decided to rest in the mill for the night. They were greeted by a friendly elven monk, who pledged to join their cause in cleansing the nearby forest of evil, knowing of another threat nearby.

In the early morning, they made an eerie discovery. An odd fog wafting out of a hidden hole under a rocky outcropping . They fearlessly pressed on after clearing the fog into an earthy cave. At its depths was a scheming druid, the very foe that was corrupting the area and creator of the shambling mound. After an intense showdown, the adventurers managed to overcome his malicious attacks (and smell) and crushed his thorn monster and giant centipede minions. Although he was swiftly executed, it remains possible there are darker powers at work in this land.

The party now makes their way back to Modain to regroup and plan their next foray into the wilds.



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