Legend of the Dragon Gold

Session 11

The Mountain Shrine

The adventurers decided to take the same path Norril discovered while he did his body swapping recon. They found a patch of the vines by the mountain waterfall and climbed up to the look off. They then proceeded through winding trails up to the summit. Near top there was a clearing. At the center of this clearing, amidst the mists stood a tall stone tower. The large pillars looked like the work of the dragon clans of Terranis. They entered cautiously.

They spotted a group of villains, which had apparently conquered this place recently. They rushed into a cathedral like room connected to the main entry way and fought a vile druid and his host of spiders and ghouls. The druid welded a strange looking staff. He raised the staff and chanted, summoning a dense cloud of swarming, biting locusts. The party fought around it and quickly slew this corruptor.

After continuing through several rooms the party noticed a secret passage. Ycesia, Zalthier and Dwayne explored a dark earthen path in the walls. A cave opened up before them, housing a study of sorts with a summoning circle in the middle. As they rummaged about they heard a low rumbling sound coming from the walls. Zalthier felt something reaching for his travel pouch and he swiftly spun around and slashed at it. The groping hand belonged to a large stone like creature. It had three arms, three legs, and a large mouth on top of its body. It began making pathetic begging gestures at Zalthier’s pouch. Dwayne tossed it a gem from his pouch. The creature jumped with glee, consuming the gems immediately. The group noticed a book on creatures from the plane of earth. This creature was identified as a Xorn, and was happy to accompany them in exchange for a few more gems.

The travelers came back from the secret passage and continued through the large temple. They found a pantry which was cold as death upon entry. They noticed a brown mold was the source of this. They left and headed up the massive staircase to the upper level of the temple.



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