Legend of the Dragon Gold

Session 1&2

Modain and the Captured miners

At the beginning of our tale, the King of Krondobar has gathered adventurers to seek out an ancient artifact that his scouts have discovered. With the promise of wealth and status, a small group of adventurers was sent across the sea to the small settlement of Modain to begin their quest.

The party was given the location of one of the needed artifacts, a piece of the stone tablet needed for the ritual.

Upon arrival they were welcomed by the Commander of operations Commander Radway of the king’s army stationed in Modain. The group was granted a home in the settlement to serve as a base.

The settlers were having problems with raiders recently and requested help rescuing a mining expedition to the north. When the party got there they discovered a band of kobolds had taken up residence and had slain several miners. The kobolds were defeated and the mines were cleared of the immediate threat. The party rescued two survivors, discovered some treasure and found the miner’s pony outside. The group then returned to Modain.

The Lumber mill outside of town has been under assault by a mysterious creature, so the party offered to investigate. They now make preparations to depart for the mill.



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